Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Writer's Block

I sat in front of my monitor for nearly half an hour staring drowsily at a blank blog form. The little blinking cursor continuously mocked me as I racked my brain for words to silence it. Suddenly it occurred to me! I didn't need that dang cursor anyway, so I grabbed a notebook and my favorite pen and headed to the couch. The pen has been neglected lately, but there's just something about the flow of words on paper from a kick butt pen that no cursor can top. Take that you little blinking menace!!

So now I sit on the couch staring at a half blank piece of notebook paper racking my brain for words to fill it...

I try to start each day with a touch of optimism. Whether the sun is shining or has been kidnapped by greedy clouds, it is still a new day where nearly anything can happen. I don't really expect to win hundreds of millions of dollars in a lottery I don't play, but there is definitely potential for finding a penny on heads an it giving me a bit of good luck...or a little extra change. Sometimes you have to celebrate the little victories.

This morning, however, optimism flew out the window about thirty seconds after I rolled (or climbed considering I sleep next to the wall) out of bed. We need a new alarm clock. It's extremely reliable, don't get me wrong. I mean, it even goes off when you don't tell it to and refuses to be silenced by the likes of me. It continued to bleat out it's horrid scream for what seemed like five minutes. I inwardly threatened to forcibly introduce it to the far wall several times before it mercifully shut it's mouth.

I turned around and proceeded out the door wiping five hours of sleep out of my eyes. Almost the very moment I left the room pain exploded halfway up my right leg. I was fairly certain the next time I looked at my foot my toe would be crammed into it, boggling the minds of even the most experienced doctors. I stifled several choice words that would make my dad say "Quit your cussin'" while hopping on one foot. Surprisingly, after the agony subsided my toe was in it's rightful place with not even a mark to prove my story. It still feels like my worst enemy got revenge with a pair of pliers on it, but there is still no mark indicating my torment.

To my delight, my day did not continue in this horrible haunted house fashion. It actually turned out pretty good. Guess it goes to show you can't judge a day by the first 5 minutes.

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