Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leaving Home

I don't normally put things like this on here, but this is absolutely amazing. Nathan had to write a poem about an immigrant coming to the New World so long ago. He said he put himself in the person's position. I absolutely love it. This is the first stanza. I'll post the rest when he's finished.

Leaving Home

I step on the boat to depart
Sobbing, my mother waves, goodbye
Silently, I pray that I am not making a mistake
Suddenly I fall, sobbing for hope
Wondering if I'll make it
Wishing I could stay, I float out to sea
Shaking, scared, alone
I go away forever, hoping, dreaming.
-Nathan Haycraft

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  1. He is a great writer too! I love it...We are studying the New World now...this is a good assignment for the kids!