Friday, May 14, 2010

Undefeated She Remains

This morning I witnessed two cellar spiders performing some sort of bizarre mating ritual. least I think that's what it was. Their bodies were just a bit different which led me to believe one was in fact male, the other female. I suppressed the urge to smoosh them into oblivion as I watched. Cellar spiders are no threat. It reminded me of an argument. Their legs would entwine, then separate hastily as if the male had accused the female of stealing the blanket and leaving him in the cold. She readily disagreed and retorted with a sort of curling her legs motion and pretty much told him if he didn't like it, he should get his own cover. She was finished with him and the whole bedclothes junk. I think she was just annoyed because her suggestion would mean she would have more laundry. Next time she'll think before she speaks. He casually mentioned that he had been awake half the night trying to get the said blanket, but she would have no more of it. She told him it was about time he was the one lying awake. He snores.

He was stubborn. He would have the last word, but she had other things in mind. He put all eight of his tiny feet together in a huff and waited for a moment. She would relent. He was sure of it. How on Earth could he think such a thing? This was not her argument, he had started it! She furiously started tying his feet together with her web. He saw her trick and quickly dropped about three inches below her on his own silken line.

He must have came to his senses and apologized then because there was a flurry of graceful spins throughout the web they had created together. They weren't near one another...neither touched, but a certain calmness had overtaken them. Cautiously he approached her. She retreated only a small amount, but let him pass her as he ventured up the wall. I had apparently missed something because he then disappeared. She remained motionless, no doubt triumphant in knowing she had drawn an apology from him.

There she still sits. I haven't the heart to kill her. I'll let her bask in the knowledge that in the near future she will be a mommy. Maybe I should throw her a shower...hmmm...

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